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Christmas Variety

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Bonus Pocket Toppers!!!!


Order Christmas Variety design collection before the end of December and get these pocket toppers free! 


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Gingerbread cookies! Frosted sugar cookies!  Stockings!  Teddy bears!  Candy canes!!  What an incredible amount of fun you will have with all of these designs!!!!  There are five basic designs, but the possibilities are endless!  First of all, there are embroidery designs:  embellish towels, clothes, aprons, etc. with holiday spirit!  Next, there are appliqué designs!  Sew these on a quilt square to make a wall hanging or a quilt!  Appliqué on anything blank!  The stocking is really special, because it is appliquéd leaving the top open so that you can fill the stocking with something!  Like the 3D "ornaments" in this design collection!  They are fully stitched in the hoop!  You can make a three-dimensional teddy bear garland!  What fun!

Finally, there are three bonus appliquéd pocket toppers -- fill your pocket with holiday goodies!

You can download a free sample of the small stocking applique.   Instructions are included at the bottom of this page!  Enjoy!

Click here to download PES, PCS, HUS, SEW freebie!

The designs are available in the following formats:  PCS, PES, SEW, HUS.  For details on the different formats, see below.  Additional formats may become available by contacting us directly. (Contact us) 

Designs included:
The smaller sizes listed below are for sewing machines that are not able to embroider the larger designs.

  • Appliqué Bear (88mm X 112mm, 80mm X 100mm)
  • Appliqué Stocking (137mm X 186mm, 77mm X 97mm)
  • Appliqué Gingerbread Cookie (91mm X 113mm, 80mm X 99mm)
  • Appliqué Frosted Sugar Cookie (79mm X 108mm, 73mm X 100mm)
  • Appliqué Candy Cane (54mm X 112mm , 48mm X 99mm)
  • Embroidered Bear (76mm X 99mm)
  • Embroidered Gingerbread Cookie (78mm X 99mm)
  • Embroidered Frosted Sugar Cookie (71mm X 100mm)
  • Embroidered Candy Cane (47mm X 99mm)
  • Ornament Bear (83mm X 110mm, 76mm X 100mm)
  • Ornament Gingerbread Cookie (94mm X 120mm, 77mm X 99mm)
  • Ornament Frosted Sugar Cookie (70mm X 99mm)
  • Ornament Candy Cane (51mm X 110mm, 47mm  X 99mm)
  • Ornament Stocking (74mm X 95mm)
  • Sugar Cookie Pocket Topper (69mm X 61mm)
  • Gingerbread Pocket Topper (91mm X 75mm)
  • Candy Cane Pocket Topper (55mm X 48mm)


To add Christmas Variety to your shopping cart for $30* , click on the appropriate format below: 


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*BMT Micro processes credit cards for SoftSew.  After paying for your designs, you will receive information to download your designs immediately.  (Unless, of course, you ordered something that needs to be mailed to you, like a CD!)  If you have any problems, please contact us.


These designs were created using Generations and converted into other formats.   They are currently available in most of the following formats:  PCS, PES, SEW, and HUS.  VIP format is included with both PCS and HUS.  Other formats are available on request (Contact us).  


Applique Stockings


General appliqué instructions:  When you stitch them out, the first color is an outline of the appliqué.  After this is stitched, put your appliqué fabric over the outline, making sure that it is all covered.  Use Steam-A-Seam (light) if you want to fuse the appliqué down when it is all finished!  Stitch the second color.  This color tacks down the appliqué material.  Leaving the material in the hoop (VERY IMPORTANT!!!) trim the appliqué fabric as close to the stitching as you can.  After trimming the appliqué fabric, the next color to stitch is the appliqué cover stitch. 


For the stockings, there are stitches to help you line up a cuff.  To make a cuff, as in this picture, you just need to sew a cuff onto the “cover” fabric.  Cut the size of cuff that you want.  For a nicer finish, sew it onto the back of the stocking fabric (Figure 1) and press it over to the front.  You can do an edge stitch on the front (Figure 2).  You can also embroider initials or whatever you want on the cuff – just make sure to line it up!

 Figure 1

Figure 2                                           

After you have the cuff piece prepared, stitch the first color on the hooped fabric, which will give you an outline of where the stocking will stitch.  Note that the top edge is very accurate.  Place the cuff of the cover piece on the top edge, lining it up exactly. You can use masking tape to hold it in place.  Stitch the next color.  This will stitch the stocking top down (Figure 3).  Trim the fabric very close to the stitching, as indicated above.  Finally, stitch the last color, the cover stitch!

 Note that the stockings are not appliquéd down on the top so that you can fill them with ornaments or other goodies!

                     Figure 3



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