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Designs for Collectibles Quilts

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These designs can be used making quilts or wall hangings as described in Wendy Etzel's The Collectibles Quilt II book.  You will have a lot of fun designing what to put on your shelves, using this collection, favorite photographs, and built-in stitches on your sewing machine!  The book is also available for $24.95 + Shipping and Handling ($3.00).

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For more detailed information on this book, visit RCW Publishing.

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These are sample wall hanging that I made.  Click on them to view  a larger picture.

Using built-in stitches on your sewing machine, you can create very realistic books.  Add some photos, and again, using your sewing machine, frame them beautifully.  

The teacups in this design collection come from the Grandma's Finest collection.  If you'd like to use other teacups, check out both Grandma's Finest  and Christmas Tea.  Hanging versions of each of the teacups is available as a bonus!

These patterns are available in the following formats:  PCS, PES, HUS (Designer 1 only), ART.  For details on the different formats, see below.  Some of the designs were too large for smaller hoops, so they are not initially available.  Additional formats may become available by contacting us directly. (Contact us) 

Designs included:

  • Candles.  Three different candle holders, with two different candles (for a total of 6 distinct candles) (46mm X 100mm, 41mm X 108mm, 90mm X 100mm).  One of the candles has been burnt;  the other has a real wick attached.
  • Vases.  Two different vases (35mm X 95mm, 40mm X 55mm).  Add a flower from your embroidery machine for an additional nice touch!
  • Glasses.  (86mm X 39mm)  These look great on a shelf on top of books or beside sewing items!
  • Spools of thread.  (34mm X 41mm, 26mm X 31mm, 20mm X 23mm).  These look especially cute leaving some thread and attaching a needle to it.
  • Pincushion.  (69mm X 60mm).  Very realistic if you stick some real sewing pins in it too!
  • Salt and Pepper Shakers.  (71mm X 46mm)  For the salt and pepper shaker collectors out there!
  • Clock, clock face.  (105mm X 97mm, 59mm X 59mm).  You can either stitch the complete clock, or just the face, to appliqué another clock!
  • Teacup.  (88mm X 69mm).  Teacup from Grandma's Finest.
  • Hanging teacup.  (84mm X 106mm).  Hanging teacup from Grandma's Finest. 

To add Designs for Collectibles Quilts to your shopping cart for $19.95*, click on the appropriate format below:

PCS     PES     HUS(Designer One)     ART

To add Designs for Collectibles Quilts PLUS "The Collectibles Quilt II Book" to your shopping cart for $47.90*, click on the appropriate format below:
(see Designs page for Value Bundles)

PCS     PES     HUS(Designer One)     ART

*BMT Micro processes credit cards for SoftSew.  After paying for your designs, you will receive information to download your designs immediately.  (Unless, of course, you ordered something that needs to be mailed to you, like a CD!)  If you have any problems, please contact us.

All designs were created using Pfaff PC-Designer software.  All designs were extensively tested on the Pfaff 7570.  BuzzTools,  Great Notions SmartSizer Gold, or the Bernina Artista software were used for the converted designs.   Your satisfaction is guaranteed!



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