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Pumpkin Lace

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All of the lacy designs to make different sizes of baskets, napkin rings, and delicate coasters!                       



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These whimsical lace designs make it easy to create wonderful keepsakes!  Sew them on water-soluble stabilizer, wash the stabilizer away, and you've got lace!   The design collection includes coasters, baskets, napkin rings, and Halloween motifs!

The coasters will add an festive touch to your home or make a lovely gift.  There are two ways to make lace baskets -- either as four-sided, one - piece baskets (all you have to do is tack the sides together!), or you can sew the sides and bottom out separately and attach them with a zigzag stitch or by hand -- or using ribbon as shown above!  The one-piece baskets come in three sizes (note that not all sizes will sew on all machines -- check below for the sizes!).  The spider web napkin rings will add a special touch to a party, or can be attached to a gift!  You simply sew the design and lace ribbon through the re-enforced holes!

The designs are available in the following formats:  PES, HUS.  For details on the different formats, see below.  Additional formats may become available by contacting us directly. (Contact us) 

Designs included:

Note that there are multiple sizes of most designs.


  • Coasters (100 mm X 100 mm, 120 mm X 120 mm, 190 mm X 190 mm)

  • Spider web napkin rings (65 mm X 60 mm, 82 mm X 75 mm)

  • One-piece boxes (100 mm X 100mm, 130 mm X 130 mm, 177 mm X 177 mm)

  • Sides for boxes (55 mm X 57 mm, 75 mm X 78 mm, 97 mm X 102 mm)

  • Pentagon base for boxes (119 mm X 128 mm, 87 mm X 95 mm, 65 mm X 70 mm)

  • Lace pentagon base for boxes (119 mm X 128 mm, 87 mm X 95 mm, 65 mm X 70 mm)

  • Hexagon base for boxes (72 mm X 84 mm, 97 mm X 111 mm, 158 mm X 138)

  • Lace hexagon base for boxes (72 mm X 84 mm, 97 mm X 111 mm, 158 mm X 138)

  • Square base for boxes (45 mm X 45 mm, 60 mm X 60 mm, 78 mm X 78 mm)

  • Lace square base for boxes (45 mm X 45 mm, 60 mm X 60 mm, 78 mm X 78 mm)


To add Pumpkin Lace to your shopping cart for $20* , click on the appropriate format below: 


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*BMT Micro processes credit cards for SoftSew.  After paying for your designs, you will receive information to download your designs immediately.  (Unless, of course, you ordered something that needs to be mailed to you, like a CD!)  If you have any problems, please contact us.


These designs were created using Generations and converted into other formats.   They are currently available in the following formats:  PCS, PES,  and HUS.  Other formats are available on request (Contact us).  




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